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Have a product idea? Need help making it real?

Our vision

To build cool micro-SaaS, on-premise and mobile apps that solves real-life problems

Our mission

To build highly profitable 50 SaaS and software businesses and work together with a passionate team all around the world.

Our core values

This is who we are. We don't do anything that conflicts with our core values.

Default to transparency
Procrastination, do it now!
Customer and employee centric
Simplicity, no complex procedures
Scalability, we build solutions that scale
We do what we love and we make cool $#!+
Common language, being on the same page
Solution centric, we are 100% positive, always!
Measurables, nothing to do without measuring
Own it, we build trust through total accountability
Procedural, everything we do is based on procedures
Growth, self improvement centric, helping each other to grow
No exceptions, no customer or team member specific exceptions

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